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P.S. : Spoilers ahead.

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon is evil and I loved the evilness of the book I mean it was like some Indian drama serial is going on in front of me.

The first part was of James McGregor. The starting was a little dull but when he started his journey to find the diamonds it got interesting when Van der Merwe betrayed him and then the revenge etc. But I hated the ending. James and Margaret should have been together.
Then comes the second part of the book of ‘The Kate Blackwell’ the way she is described she is very attractive, sexy. I mean how can she do such a thing I mean I really wanted Joshaphine and David to be together but when I read that she did the whole plotting thing like giving the money to Joshaphine’s father etc. Kate was now bigger than a bitch… and also she had a lot of insecurity and jealousy which is why she was not able to accept anyone’s happiness.
Then came Tony Blackwell the Kruger-Brent Ltd. prince…. that’s probably Kate thought. And again the disappointment came over my face. I wanted to kill Kate Blackwell for doing such a heinous crime. After being a mother she couldn’t understand the feeling of a child. God!!! what the hell!!!?.
the okay part was Kruger-Brent Ltd. because it got nothing which was wrong.

Last but not the least, came the Book ‘Eve and Alexandra’
it was clear that Eve Blackwell was suffering from Schizophrenia and no one had done nothing. In the last there were few things which were not completed properly, like, Alex should have known the truth of Eve as well as George Mellis. The suspicion of Peter Templeton should have been encouraged.
The conclusion, most people will think that the same story will happen to Robert Templeton. But my perception is different I think that Kate Blackwell will be dead as she will suffer from Malaria…. and Robert will live his dream and Kruger-Brent Ltd. will be handed over to Brad Rogers Family… I am writing this because I don’t want the same thing happening to Robert to what happened to Tony Blackwell.

I give Master of the game a 4/5

It was a very great novel and I loved reading it. I recommend Master of the Game to those people who love plot twists, drama, mystery, and thrill.

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